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Technology never stops advancing. Every day new trends emerge that are worth keeping an eye on. More comfortable tools, new formats, etc.


In the world of marketing you must be up to date with what is to come and much more if you focus on everything related to content. Marketing itself has changed radically in the last decade.

Concepts such as growth hacking, material design or inbound marketing, are tools that seek to bring brands closer to their users, to empathize with them. Thinking right about the user is one of the guiding axes of Galahad Studio: Design matters, because the people to whom it is addressed matter.

In this way, these tools seek to make the user experience, one of total immersion with brands. And that's just what 360 Content achieves, putting viewers squarely at the center of the action.

But… Do you know how to generate one? In this blog post, we explain what 360 content is and share some tips and examples to produce yours.

The reality of unidirectional formats

Since 2016, the video trend had already been identified as the epicenter of the marketing world. And it is that the consumption of video is one of the main uses of the Internet.

In fact, YouTube is today the third most visited site globally. It has more and no less, with more than 1000 million viewers. A very high level of rating , don't you think?

Its success is built on the power of choice it provides in users, by choosing "a la carte" from among millions of productions, thus creating a feeling of freedom and link with the content, in the user.

However, the reality is that a video is a kind of "one-way" relationship. You just have to click to play it. You just have to sit and watch and receive impacts. End of story.

And despite this, videos are capable of transmitting millions of emotions. Emotions that through other means, perhaps would be lost along the way. But then how do we make something very effective, even better?

Well, through developing content that generates new experiences and that involve users to break the unidirectionality of the medium. Let's take a 360-degree turn then.

360 degrees of innovation

The 360 contents are a format that goes a step beyond the video and image we know today. They offer a whole new view of what's on the other side of the screen.

This reinvention of conventional media provides a more immersive experience, since the user is placed in the same position from which the video was recorded; At the same time, you can choose to rotate the scene sideways or up and down according to your will. Thus increasing their power of choice and participation, creating a greater sense of freedom and strengthening their bond with the content.Which is another step of virtual reality.

These 360 contents can serve to transport the user to places where they would like to be. For example, a concert by your favorite artist, a futuristic city, the set of your TV show, a sporting event. The possibilities are truly endless.

Different brands are already taking advantage of the possibilities that this tool opens with some notable success stories. However, any brand can reap the benefits of 360 content. To achieve this, we share some tips that you can consider:

First things first…

Get the right equipment, one that allows the production of 360 content. We will not go into much detail, as there are many alternatives, from GoPro cameras to some models of smartphones with integrated 360 cameras.

However, the really important thing is to use creativity. There are already some plugins that allow you to transform images or video into 360. Even platforms like Facebook already integrate this technology properly. Not to mention design software like Cinema 4D or After Effcts. We'll be talking more about this in future posts.

Think about your target in every shot

In any marketing strategy, it is essential that you work on a specific audience and with specific objectives. The360 contains are no exception.

But the target will not only influence when choosing the content of the video, but its angles will also vary depending on your audience. Think about adjusting the perspective according to their preferences, but also appeal to their emotions, consider their age, where would your users like to be? This is vital to engage your viewers in an unforgettable experience.

On the other hand, plan your campaign from the beginning. You can, for example, create a series of videos that will be more effective than a long story. Or insert a series of easter eggs, proposing a non-explicit game of treasure hunting. Here, the element of surprise will function as a differentiator, projecting on your audience, a strong image of innovation and creativity.

"Sell stories… not products"

Telling a story leads to better results. There is no need to make 360 contents a documentary, but to build a story. In that sense, not all stories are suitable to work in this format.

Regardless of whether you choose video or static images, content should always invite viewer interaction to see what else your production has to offer. Generate complicity with your viewers or appeal to their emotions.

But above all, never forget that the main premise is to entertain. Boring content will be quickly forgotten.

The finishing touches

Once you have your 360 video or image, it's time to edit. Therefore, you should consider investing in 360-degree editing programs that help you with the characteristics of these contents, as well as synchronization and stability.

Premiere, AutoPano Video Pro or FCPX are some of the programs that can solve many problems for you. In the same way, find out about the requirements demanded by the platforms to which you want to upload your content. For example on YouTube, you must download the 360 Video Metadata application on your computer, so that the platform itself can read your file as 360 content. Come to us to learn more details.

Video is the king of content

The possibilities generated by 360 content for brands are incredible. It must be recognized that audiovisual content is the one that predominates on the Internet. Or they will be.

And it is estimated that during the next few years, 80% of the content that we will find on the web will be videos. You can see that what a few months ago was just a trend, now in a reality.

And that's where your brand needs to be present. 360 content is one of the most interesting media for digital advertising. Beyond showcasing products, the 360 experience is an opportunity to play with the audience and interact on another level. Need more reasons? Start working in this format We help you!. Our Illustration and Motion Graphics service has no limits and neither do your ideas. Contact us!

Do you know any campaign with 360 content?, Do your favorite brands already use it?

Don't forget to leave your comments.

Best regards!

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