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One more year has concluded and has left us its valuable lessons, adventures and a lot of learning. Both in our daily lives and in the world of Design.

Here at Galahad Studio, we have been working hard all year, from branding projects, to those more avant-garde illustration and animation and it seems that some concepts that we saw and used, are becoming trends.

With them, Graphic Design is reinventing itself more and more, with the styles of some aesthetic and avant-garde movements of the past, to create a bold and colorful vision for the future.


So let's see where the balance tilts this 2019, while we analyze in Exiles from Jupiter, the concepts and styles that in our opinion, are going to be the key in the trends of Design this 2019.

So get ready, whether you are a designer (of any specialty), or if you work with one, because here we will show you our 2019 Predictions, about the trends in Graphic Design for this new year.

Anti-troll clarification!

First of all, at Galahad Studio we are not exactly journalists, detectives, or private investigators, but rather explorers, adventurers and mad scientists.

So, our 2019 Predictions are based rather on an analysis of the color, typographies, shapes and formats that we have observed in the work of designers and design agencies in the world.

So we are probably wrong, but hey!, we believe that no matter the medium, understanding how styles are changing and evolving in the various disciplines involved in Design, keeps our work fresh and helps us offer more and better options to our clients.

Graphic Design is like that, year after year it reinvents itself to offer the best in areas such as fashion, illustration, photography, branding, advertising, etc., so "in tastes genres are broken". So buckle up, don't take it so seriously and have fun!

Explosion of color

If there is a trend in Graphic Design that will surely be fulfilled in these 2019 Predictions, it is the explosion of colors. We are going to witness the revival of the use of colors in all their glory.

Of course, although they are bright colors, matte, metallic, gradients and unlikely combinations, they will be well worked and will be presented without complexes.

This even coincides with Pantone and its color trend forecast for spring and summer 2019. In short: Use bold colors if you want your work or business to stand out.

Isometric Perspective

It is not exactly a new trend, but according to our 2019 Predictions and taking into account the rise of illustrations in all fields of design, we believe that it will finally do boom!

And is that according to some statistics, custom illustrations and more natural images, can be much more effective than any stock photograph.

A unique illustration with bold colors and attractive styles such as isometric, will undoubtedly make any business stand out.

The order of chaos

When people think of "harmony," they often associate it with balance and symmetry, but the reality is that it can be quite the opposite. A design can be chaotic, eclectic, asymmetrical, etc. and still be able to be balanced, by intentionally avoiding a "traditional" harmony.

The glitch, the asymmetry and the use of broken images or disorganized montages, will be some of the effects that will be in trend this 2019.

We believe that an "eclectic" approach, while it can be quite challenging and complicated to achieve, can definitely bring a unique identity to each project.

"Reality 2.0"

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are becoming present in fields such as web design or app design.

Sites such as Facebook or online stores, have already included AR in their websites, both to show their stock, and to show the store itself, through 360 images (a topic we had already talked about in previous publications).

And being a relatively new trend, we believe in our 2019 Predictions, which will be one of the ones we will have to keep an eye on this year.

Real Looking/Caricatured-Looking Photography

The "distracted boyfriend" meme, while brilliant, has also shown us that stock photographs can be EVERYWHERE.

From what we project in our 2019 Predictions, that the boom in the use of stock images will decrease, so now designers will be looking for more natural and unusual photos.

A little hand in hand with this idea, will be increasing the use of "intervened" images, either with graphic elements or illustrations, where the perfection of the models does not matter, but the world or "vibrates" that makes its viewers feel.

Novus ordo seclorum

As if we were fortune tellers of a secret sect, these are some of the trends in Design, which this new year (we believe), will give much to talk about.

Of course there are many others in areas such as typography, animation, branding, illustration and packaging, but we will talk about them in the next blog posts this month. So stay tuned for the rest of our 2019 Predictions.

In Galahad Studio we are interested in being aware of the avant-garde in fashion, art, branding and graphic design, because we seek to generate advertising designed for people. We believe that by knowing the trends, we can be more in touch with people and thus generate more meaningful stories. Get to know Our Services and Projects, we surely have a solution for you. Contact us!

What other holdings do you think will have to continue this new year? Which ones will disappear?

Don't forget to leave your comments.

Best regards!

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