Make Things, even the Simplest, Better Join the Future Vanguard Stop spending on alternatives! At Galahad we offer you the best Design solutions in one place. Hire our services and let your brand make a difference!
Design Matters / People Matter Amazing
Stop selling products and start selling Stories! Reinforce the contact with your audience with visual experiences and meaningful stories.
Let's make your ideas fly The world is amazing
after all
We seek to make a difference!. For this reason, we focus our creativity on the generation of human, aesthetic, cultural and economic value through Design.

Make a difference. Join the Future Vanguard.

The New Vanguard

Services beyond the Paradigm

Galahad is a studio, which seeks to make Design, a tool to improve sales, processes and projects, but also the quality of life of people. That’s why we create exceptional, user-centric experiences.

As a design studio, we help you connect with your audience, through integral projects in areas such as Branding, Motion Graphics, Illustration and Web Design, reinforcing with this, the storytelling of your brand.
Get to know us, we have a solution for you!
New Horizon

> Branding & Logos

Starting a company is difficult and giving it a face, Even more! We help you make it stand out from your competition, with our Branding and Brand Design service. Ideal for companies and startups that want to make a difference.

Benefits + -

  • Make your audience recognize you against your competition
  • Be unique and memorable through an avant-garde concept in the minds of your customers
  • Give your brand a modern, professional and reliable image

Features + -

  • Logo Design
  • Identity Manual Development
  • Stationery Design and Printing
  • Image Production for Social Networks
Photonic Overload

> Illustration, Infographics & 3D

Don't spend your time searching the internet or image banks, photos that look like your ideas. We help you bring your new product, character or publication to life. Our Illustration service has no limits and neither do your ideas.

Benefits + -

  • It is ideal for educational or instructional content, covers and social networks
  • You are in control. You decide colors, style, shapes, etc.
  • Generate a better relationship between your target audience and your brand

Features + -

  • Digital or Traditional Illustration
  • Development of graphics for animation, publications or web
  • Character, pet and scenario design
  • Generation of infographics and manuals
At the Speed of Light

> Animation & Motion Graphics

Today, conventional advertising is no longer as effective at attracting new customers. Stop spending on outdated flyers and flyers to reach hundreds; With our Animation and Motion Graphics service your service will be discovered by thousands.

Benefits + -

  • Add animations to your social media campaigns and achieve better results
  • Turn your statistics or presentations into interesting content
  • Save on production costs and increase the impact on your audience

Features + -

  • Development of Explainers and animated infographics
  • Design of curtains and brand splash
  • Audio and video editing
  • Script and storyboard development
Quantum Artifice

Three-Dimensional Creative >

Do you have a unique and different project that is not a simple logo or brochure? We help you create, with paper, clay and paint, that special gift, functional mechanism, pop-up or contraption that you need to make to measure, with our Three-Dimensional Creative service.

Benefits + -

  • Add a value differentiator to your stationery and communications
  • Materialize your ideas or projects with low-cost props and high visual impact
  • Give unique pieces, which you will not find elsewhere, made using traditional techniques

Features + -

  • Creating paper models
  • Design of functional mechanisms in the parts
  • High-quality printing and cutting
  • Delivery of armed models or pages for cutting and assembling
Beyond Space

> Web Design

Do you know how many customers you lose daily because you don't have your own website? Whether with an online store, landing page or blog, with our Web Design service, forget about missing opportunities and start connecting with everyone.

Benefits + -

  • Expand your business presence. even internationally
  • Make your catalog and information accessible 24/7, from anywhere in the world
  • Generate a powerful network with your suppliers and customers

Features + -

  • Production of e-commerce sites, langing pages and blogs
  • Responsive and user-friendly designs
  • Maintenance and training
  • SEO optimized

Be Authentic. Be Original

Echoes through Space

We know that every project is very important. Therefore, in Galahad Studio we are always working and learning new techniques to improve contact with the public.
Thus, each of our projects becomes a unique integral experience, where storytelling is the axis of its development. Get to know our portfolio… Let us make your project a reality!

For pure love of Design!

We love being designers! Therefore, we have created A Doodle a Day, our In-House illustration and animation project with which we continue to learn and experiment, while sharing with our followers on social networks. Get to know it!

Mission; Wings of Victory

Doing things, even the simplest, better

Today’s brands must recognize the value of Design as a banner in the global economy.

In this way, as a design studio, we focus our creativity on the generation of human, social, aesthetic, cultural and economic value through our services, because we believe that in this way, we change the perception of people and help create the brands of the future. 

That is why we are interested in collaborating with people and companies that share our values and commitment to quality, teamwork and people. Join! let’s create the future together.

Make a difference. Join the Future Vanguard.

A Journey to the Far Reaches of the Galaxy

In Galahad Studio we are scientists, explorers and adventurers, who find in Design a path to our destination: that of excellence. Therefore, there is no detail that we overlook, nor an opportunity to learn that we miss.

In this way in our design studio, we guarantee that from the name and website; to your products and all the tangible areas of your brand, we will always look for them to stand out and make a difference!

Together We Are Stronger

The Stellar Coalition

As a design studio we believe that Design matters, because the people for whom it is directed matter… including companies, organizations and institutions with which we have collaborated, learned and shared ideas.
In this way, we are infinitely grateful that they believe in us and for that reason we have reserved this space of honor, dedicated to those who have inspired us to give the best of ourselves.

Make a difference. Join the Future Vanguard.

Exploring in the Unknown

The Deep Space Log

Galahad Studio is the result of the creative impulse, curiosity and amazement caused by the universe that is Design.

And as freelancers, we are always looking to learn about new techniques, technologies, trends and everything about Graphic Design and Entrepreneurship. Therefore, we have created this space to share with you these experiences and discoveries, as well as what moves and inspires us.

Welcome to life in Exile!

Incoming Star Broadcast:

Get ready to take off!

We know that starting a company is difficult and make it stand out from your competition, even more!Therefore, we offer you the best services and solutions in Graphic Design, ideal for Companies and Startups that want to make a difference.

So forget about missing opportunities! Contact us and tell us about your project. Let’s make that dream come true.

Make a Difference. Join the Future Vanguard

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