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Modeling, rendering and 3D animation, creature in Zbrush and Keyshot
Personal project.

At Galahad Studio we deeply believe in the importance of staying updated and constantly learning, with the intention of further diversifying the range of services and products we can offer our customers. Hence the challenge of making a 3D modeling of monster-type character.

With this in mind, the development of the character was carried out in ZBrush, which stands out for its ability to generate three-dimensional organic figures and the design of a cartoon monster was chosen, inspired by the Muppets or Where the Monsters Live, but with a unique proposal.

The proposal for the 3D modeling of character that I developed, is inspired by the caricatures of folklore such as the Scandinavian trolls, which are often represented as small monsters with horns, mouths and prominent hands. In addition to this, the graphic style of the render has a semi-realistic finish with an appearance of rock with moss, to accentuate its magical origin.

My participation in the project was to design the character, perform the modeling in ZBrush and final render , as well as a turn around of the character in KeyShot, according to the specifications of the exercise.

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J October, 2021


2021, 3D Modeling, Animation, Character Creation, Digital Animation, Digital Illustration, Illustration, Rigging & 3D


3D, adorable, Blender, Cartoon, Cinema 4D, Cover, creature, Illustration, KeyShot, monster, photoshop, realistic, render, toon, troll, turn-around, zbrush

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