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Digital Avatar Creation
To be used as an image/mascot on Twitter

A creative way to present ourselves on social networks is through an invented or composed name together with the creation of an Avatar, which represents us in the digital world.

This version of ourselves can be everything we dream of: strong, gallant, charismatic, etc. or as in Mr . Cheat, a subversive, ironic and cynical version of a representation of a diehard fan of the sports world.

The idea behind the creation of the avatar was to represent the average Mexican (perhaps even falling into the cliché), who attends all the games of his favorite team; that rather than taking care of his own appearance, he is wearing a neat shirt of the "Tri"; and that in the stadium, he spits out a whole verbiage, against the rival team, yes, being a sports expert.

My participation in the project was the creation of the avatar, from its conceptualization inspired by the characters of Akira Toriyama, as well as the final render and assets of the character, according to the needs of the client and RR.SS platforms .

Currently, social networks are increasingly visual. Therefore, if we accompany our content with an illustration or animation, we will get our followers interested in your brand.Don't spend your time searching the internet for photos that look like your ideas. We help you bring your new product, character or publication to life. Our Illustration and Motion Graphics service has no limits and neither do your ideas. Contact us!

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J July, 2021


2021, Character Creation, Comic, Corporate Identity, Digital Illustration, Editorial Design, Illustration, RR.SS., Storytelling


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