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It is not a lie that month after month, new ideas and techniques emerge that promise to grow a business. Currently, one of the most fashionable words in Digital Marketing and more specifically in the world of Startups, is Growth Hacking.


However, the term is not yet overly widespread outside the United States. In addition to being a Growth Hacker, it seems to be more of a "professional profile" than a specific certification. Will it be yet another innovation in the marketing world or a series of things we already do under a new term?

That is why in Exiles from Jupiter, we have taken on the task of investigating Growth Hacking. In this post we explain what it is, where it comes from, and how you can apply it in your business.

In short…

Growth Hacking is a discipline that seeks, with the minimum possible expense and effort, to quickly and significantly increase the volume of users, or income, or impacts, of our company.

It is not so much a combination of tools and techniques, but rather a different way of seeing and building a market. In this way, it encompasses creative processes, programming, analysis and marketing strategies, to maximize results.

It is born from the need to identify ways of growth, beyond spending money on traditional marketing systems or platforms. In this way, it adapts wonderfully to the world of startups and the philosophy of Lean Start-up, where resources are usually scarce and therefore progress is made with small steps.

Put like that, it looks very good, right? However, there is a fine line between the ethics of some of the practices used. Always remember that the cost of growing our business should never compromise our reputation or the needs of our users.

The Masters of Digital Growth

It seems incredible, but the first mention of Growth Hacking is somewhat invented, because it seems that it comes from the blog Start-up Marketing and its post entitled Where are all of the growth hackers?. However, it is not until some start-ups such as Facebook, Twitter or AirBnb, use these principles, that the concept gains notoriety.

In this way, Sean Ellis (the creator of the entry), describes Growth Hackers as those people who aim to grow the user base of a product or brand. Whose qualities to possess, beyond technical knowledge, is to be analytical, curious, innovative and creative people.

Ideas to "hack" the system

While anyone can prove themselves as a Growth Hacker, few are those who achieve it. First of all, it is necessary to know and work precisely the following steps to implement Growth Hacking in any company:

    • Know your service and your users
    • Identify the advantages of your product
    • Attract users through content or campaigns
    • Promote the virality of your content
    • Test, track, and compare
    • Build customer loyalty and show them your gratitude

It will seem heavy to analyze all these aspects of a brand, but just Growth Hacking works, because it combines marketing techniques with engineering. This can be the difference between good marketing and one that doesn't generate results.

Here are some ideas that you can implement in your business (regardless of size or line), always bearing in mind that what we are looking for is the minimum use of resources and a high impact of creativity.

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Trial and error

While Growth Hacking is not something new in practice, its concept is something interesting to take up. In the ecosystem of companies and competitors, standing out is always important and unfortunately, resources are always scarce, so it is convenient to learn to use them intelligently.

In this way, avoiding unfair or annoying practices (such as spam), Growth Hacking really promotes creativity, analysis and curiosity. In this sense, it adheres to the basic principle of Design that "less is more".

Analyzing everything is key to understanding whether the techniques we test work or not, looking for new formulas and thinking "outside the box" guarantee the success of any company. And you, do you dare to try new marketing ideas? With our advice on Branding and Brand Design, we help you grow your company and make the future you want, reality. Contact us!

As you can see, most of these strategies are focused on the customer and many of them are very small actions, which you can start implementing in your company now.

Do you know other hacking strategies?

Best regards!

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