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To promote its Stewardship philosophy and services.
Illustration Development and Art Direction

Together with the Blue Labs team, a two-minute animated spot was developed to promote Entropia’s services.

Entropia, is a young company that tries to generate a community of responsible companies committed to the world and the philosophy of Impeccability (seek to be better at every moment). Concepts little known in Mexico or that have another name, however, the challenge of our proposal was just to brand these ideas to make them typical of Entropia.

Therefore, in the script it was proposed to generate a dynamic storytelling , presenting visual metaphors of the concepts and ideas that Entropia sought to communicate to its audience. D e so that all the concepts were united, in such a way that the community of Entropia does. Therefore, the transitions of each scene give rise to the beginning of the next shot, generating with this a very dynamic animation, which managed to condense complicated concepts in a short time. However, it should be noted that the project was postponed due to situations unrelated to production. The version presented here corresponds to the latest version reviewed by the client.

My participation was to generate the original script according to the client’s brief, as well as its storyboard. In addition, all the illustrations of the animation were developed and the development of the project was supervised as Art Director. The production and management of the project was by the Blue Labs team.


J May, 2017


2017, Animation, Character Creation, Corporate Identity, Digital Animation, Digital Illustration, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Storytelling

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