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El Diez Restaurants
To promote your branches, as part of your Digital Signage service
Photography and Art Direction

In conjunction with the Blue Labs team, a series of promotional videos was developed for the Argentine food restaurant chain, El Diez.

During 2017, the restaurant’s internal advertising campaign was developed, generating content that talked about curiosities of Argentina, tourist places or about the idioms used by people in the gaucho country. However, these used stock photographs for their production. Therefore, the proposal was made to generate original content, focused on the branding of the brand.

In this way, the development of informative capsules was planned, in which the various restaurants of the chain, located throughout the city, were shown, with special emphasis on their decorations and architecture, as well as the peculiarities of the area where they are located or the dishes they serve. This project was an excellent challenge for the development of video scripts, as well as photography and recording. The one presented here was the first of the video series and shows the Benjamín Hill branch ( Benjamín Hill 187, Col. Condesa, CDMX, Mexico).

My participation was to collaborate in the development of the original scripts (technical and shooting), according to the client’s brief, as well as their storyboards. In addition, the photographic and video shooting was carried out in the place in most of the branches and the development of the project was supervised as Art Director. The production and management of the project was by the Blue Labs team.


J May, 2017


2017, Animation, Corporate Identity, Graphic Design, Photography, Video Editing

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