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Grupo Guias – Internal Communication
Development of Digital Illustrations and paper engineering (pop-up) for folders.
Integral design project of folders and creative pop-ups for stationery and POP[/qodef_custom_font]

Taking out insurance is an excellent investment to keep what you love safe, such as your family, home, car or your children’s education. But for this, it is important to approach experts who transmit confidence, something that can be seen from the clothing of their agents and even in the stationery and folders they offer you.

This is the philosophy of Grupo Guias, one of the most important insurance agency consultancies in Mexico and with more than 50 years of experience. Which, perceiving the opportunity to transmit their vision and passion even in the small details, commissioned us to reinvent the design of folders and pop-ups in which they deliver policies and information to their customers.

Based on its 2 flagship services, “Housing” and “Education”, we generate proposals for pop-up folders that, through paper engineering, have mobile structures that are activated when opening the folders.

In the case of housing, the structure resembles a complex of modern apartments; While for “Education”, two versions were proposed, one that resembles the shape of a cap and another more conventional with an image that refers to the traditional throwing of caps in the air, which unfold and move when opening the folder. All through a “flat” visual aspect, which is pleasant and modern.

This design of folders and pop-ups, was implemented for internal communication and contact with potential customers, which would seek to generate a positive impact and exclusivity, by receiving a different version of something as common as a folder. In Galahad Studio, we take care of the creation and design of the pop-up structure and final appearance of the folders.

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Romantic illustration for Valentine’s Day gift
Commissioned as a gift and with the specifications of Carlos Malatesta

In January 2020, Galahad Studio received the commission to develop a romantic couple illustration proposal for a special gift, on the occasion of the arrival of Valentine’s Day.

The brief for its development was very accurate in relation to what was wanted to show the relationship of the young couple, to impress Selene. In the image, the appearance of different symbolic but significant elements of the history of both was necessary. A simple but novel proposal was sought, with a Japanese anime/manga style.

The proposal for the romantic illustration of couple, consisted of including the two lovers found in the manner of the “Yin-yang” that represents the union of two opposites that form a balance. The graphic style was inspired by Japanese anime, but real references were taken for sunflowers, the mask that appears in the song On melancholy hill by the band Gorillaz or the panda stuffed animal. In the same way, the color palette is very bright, to give dynamism and energy to the image.

My participation in the project was to generate the proposal of the romantic illustration, the design of characters and final rendering , according to the needs of the client, as well as the preparation of the files for the printing of the same.

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