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Mua Love Store
Design, planning and development of content grid for social networks

Mua Love Shop is a Mexican company dedicated to the sale and distribution of erotic products for adults.

Thus, during its process of change of administration, it was imperative to restructure its communications in social networks, website, physical store and other channels through which it generates sales.

Therefore, it was proposed that the contents for social networks of Mua Love Shop, have a humorous approach, but promoting a healthy, fun and positive sexuality, thus generating a greater engaging with the consumer and giving added value to the services and products of the brand.

Thus, in Galahad Studio we had the honor of proposing through content marketing, a modern vision that would help overcome the taboo that surrounds erotic product stores, by the informed and persuasive invitation of the use of products and services that can diversify the sexual life of their customers.

All this, through content for social networks, which included truthful information about situations related to sexuality, but presented in an entertaining way, through colors, infographics, memes, illustrations, videos, etc. that explained these topics through a monthly grill.

Thus, with a curious and fun touch, it was possible to increase the generation of interaction, shares, likes and the ultimate goal of increasing sales by potential customers.

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J March, 2022


2022, Animation, Corporate Identity, Digital Illustration, Illustration, RR.SS., Video Editing


banners, branding, channel, color, company, content, edition, entrepreneurship, Illustration, México, photoshop, RRSS, sex shop, sexy, social networks, store

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