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Concretos Cruz Azul – Internal Communication
Development of Digital Illustration and editorial design for infographics.
Comprehensive Internal Communication Project to Distribute Information on Office Manners and Hygiene

The current pandemic by the SARS-CoV-19 virus, modified the coexistence between people in public places such as parks, squares and shopping centers, but also within offices and workplaces.

Such is the case of the work centers of Concretos Cruz Azul, which constantly have a high flow of people in their offices and concrete plants, so the risk of generating infections was constant.

Therefore, it was necessary to generate visual materials that would help to distribute efficiently, the hygiene, safety and behavior measures, which would be implemented in the different types of work centers of the brand.

Therefore, Galahad Studio proposed the realization of both physical and digital posters, which contained all these rules. All through a pleasing visual aspect, to invite by persuasion to follow them, rather than imposing sanctions or restrictions. The designs are inspired by the modern infographic design, which has become very popular on the internet, with the intention of more easily sympathizing with the company’s workers.

This design of infographics, were distributed both in internal channels of the brand, as working groups in WhatsApp or the intra-network; as well as printed and placed in strategic areas of the work centers.

Undoubtedly, a creative way to connect with your workers and remind them how special they are for Concretos Cruz Azul on a day as magical as Children’s Day. Click on the link below and have fun for a while with “Crossing the Traffic”.

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Cover design proposal
To illustrate the cover of the novel “The Mighty Maldoon” by Michael D. Komeshak

In January 2018, Galahad Studio was commissioned to develop a cover proposal for an adventure and discovery novel, which takes place on the Giza Plain in Egypt.

The brief for its development was very accurate in relation to what was wanted to show the story to attract a young audience. On the cover, it was necessary the appearance of a glass pyramid, which would have the moldings of the Eye of Horus on its capital and the constellation of Orion on its front face. A simple but novel proposal was sought, with a bit of alien mood .

The proposal consisted of showing the pyramid in a counter-chopped view to make the detail of it more impressive, taking great care of the finish of the material, seeking to highlight the brightness of the glass, as well as its golden tip. Similarly, a desert landscape was illustrated, full of dunes to recreate where the story is located. The graphic style, it was sought to have a similar appearance to the covers of books and comics of the 50s, where this type of stories were very common, so it was sought to make clear the theme of the story. In the same way, the color palette is very bright, to give dynamism and energy to the image, as well as the story it accompanies.

My participation in the project was to generate the illustration of the cover, back cover and spine of the novel according to the needs of the client, as well as the preparation of the files for printing it. Unfortunately, the cover proposal was not chosen by the client, in favor of using a more photorealistic material to illustrate the book.

Tridimentional illustration
Final project

As part of the seventh semester class of the degree, “Three-Dimensional Illustration”, develop this piece made with paper cutouts, based on the letter of the Queen of Hearts of the English deck.

Illustration 2013, from PICNIC magazine
to create the cover of issue #55
Finalist Image One of the 60, among 800 participating works. In addition, he was present at the awards and exhibition of the finalists in FIFTY24MX Gallery.

Annually the call comes out to design the cover for the Ilustracional edition of picnic magazine. In 2013, the theme was Geeks. My solution was to consider this group as an important part of pop culture, in this way, this piece emerged that exalts the pride of being Geek, in addition to showing the different facets of this social group.

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