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Concretos Cruz Azul – Internal Communication
Design, Digital Illustration, animation and printing
Children’s Day Paper Presentation Video

Year after year, Children’s Day is celebrated on April 30 in Mexico and although it is celebrated mainly in schools or squares, some companies hold convivios for their employees.

Such is the case of Concretos Cruz Azul, which for the second consecutive year, planned to generate a special gift for its workers and thus remind them of the inner child, which we all carry inside.

The project consisted of the design of a paper handle, with moving parts and an ingenious system that provide movement to the hydraulic shovel.

Features shown in the presentation video, through photographic shots of the models.

In Galahad Studio we had the honor of developing the project in an integral way, from the design of the paper transo, as well as the video presentation of the project and the photographs that make it up, which was shown during an internal conference at the facilities of Concretos Cruz Azul.

Undoubtedly, a creative way to connect with your workers and remind them how special they are for Concretos Cruz Azul on a day as magical as Children’s Day.

Doing things, even the simplest, best

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Galahad Studio – Inbound Marketing
Landscape and product photography
Super UFO Catcher Adventure

On the occasion of a vacation scheduled for the month of November, I decided to reinvent A Doodle a Day and plan a consistent campaign during the days I found myself outside the country. For this reason and knowing the places you will visit and their high visual appeal, the doodles of the Super UFO Catcher Adventure became photographs, with a small robot as the protagonist.

The rules of the campaign and the history of the robot, are explained in the following images

Thus, I had the opportunity to enjoy a magnificent place such as Japan and its cities, while continuing to post the project. Super UFO Catcher Adventure had an incredible reception, with some of its publications being the most “liked” and commented during 2018.

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El Diez Restaurants
To promote your branches, as part of your Digital Signage service
Photography and Art Direction

In conjunction with the Blue Labs team, a series of promotional videos was developed for the Argentine food restaurant chain, El Diez.

During 2017, the restaurant’s internal advertising campaign was developed, generating content that talked about curiosities of Argentina, tourist places or about the idioms used by people in the gaucho country. However, these used stock photographs for their production. Therefore, the proposal was made to generate original content, focused on the branding of the brand.

In this way, the development of informative capsules was planned, in which the various restaurants of the chain, located throughout the city, were shown, with special emphasis on their decorations and architecture, as well as the peculiarities of the area where they are located or the dishes they serve. This project was an excellent challenge for the development of video scripts, as well as photography and recording. The one presented here was the first of the video series and shows the Benjamín Hill branch ( Benjamín Hill 187, Col. Condesa, CDMX, Mexico).

My participation was to collaborate in the development of the original scripts (technical and shooting), according to the client’s brief, as well as their storyboards. In addition, the photographic and video shooting was carried out in the place in most of the branches and the development of the project was supervised as Art Director. The production and management of the project was by the Blue Labs team.

France is in the Air
for the presentation of a new route and introduction of the A380 model
The integral development of the project consisted of a piece of about 5 meters. long by almost 3 high, animations, the piece to scale, the assembly in the event and the subsequent projection of the contents.

In 2015 a Videomapping was developed for the France is in the Air campaign of the Air France airline. The projection of the content was during a press conference in the CDMX in which the brand announced its new direct route Paris – CDMX, and in which they would introduce their A380 aircraft model for the first time in Mexico. My participation in the project was that of art direction in the area of design, the elaboration of the illustrated parts of the projection and as well as the management and production of the three-dimensional piece used. The production and management of the project was by Blue Labs Creative Studio.

Tridimentional illustration
Final project

As part of the seventh semester class of the degree, “Three-Dimensional Illustration”, develop this piece made with paper cutouts, based on the letter of the Queen of Hearts of the English deck.

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