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Ibero-America Illustrates
Participation for the 9th illustration contest, Iberoamérica Ilustra
Digital illustration and Storytelling

With the aim of disseminating the work of illustration professionals at the Ibero-American level, Fundación SM, El Ilustradero and the Guadalajara International Book Fair have been convening the Ibero-American Illustrated Catalogue since 2010.

The contest invites both established illustrators and young talents and results in a Catalog that shows the plastic trends and influences of illustration in this region.

Participation in the contest consists of the realization of between 3 or 5 original images that tell a story, without the use of text to describe them. Thus, each illustrator uses technical and narrative resources and their way of looking at and interpreting the world, to make their proposals.

The illustrations with which I participated on this occasion are based on the following narration by Sir Helder Amos:

Remote work

After they got married, they made a fortune deceiving everyone with their fake séances, he with his tricks and she with his acting.

When he died, she thought that without his tricks they would discover that he was nothing more than a fraud and that he would go bankrupt.

However, she was wrong, because now that they were not physically together, he was still doing his job and even much better than before. End.

In this way, I tried to reflect the hopeless character of the gypsy for the recent loss of her husband; his subsequent escape; And finally, between smiles and tears, the reunion with the loved one through magic itself, because love knows no physical barriers, nor is it forbidden to a couple of scammers.

The illustrations were made entirely digitally and although they were not winners, they meant a great advance in my skills as an illustrator and storyteller. To know the winners and learn more about the contest, visit the following link.


J July, 2018


2018, Contest, Digital Illustration, Editorial Design, Illustration, Poster, Storytelling

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