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July 2018

The main challenge of the project is to produce graphics and animations every day, however, it is very easy to be in front of the monitor “blank”, when starting to work without a specific topic.

Therefore, I decided to generate a production list from daily ephemeris, so the contents would be different each time and would help me avoid the monotony of the topics. The list of those created during July 2018, is as follows:

  • World UFO 01_Día
  • 02_Derecho to the vote for Mexican women
  • 03_El Pathfinder lands on Mars
  • 04_#DrawThisInYourStyle
  • 05_Nace Frida Kahlo
  • 06_Se premieres TRON
  • 07_Día of The Beatles
  • pablo neruda 08_Nace
  • International Rock 09_Día
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  • 10_El Apollo 11 lifts off for the Moon
  • Batman 11_The
  • 12_El man steps on the Moon for the first time
  • 13_Adventure Time
  • 14_Invención of hearing aids
  • Stanley Kubrick 15_Nace
  • King of Fighters 16_The
  • 17_Pegasus Seiya
  • 18_Nacimiento of J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter

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Currently, social networks are increasingly visual. Therefore, if we accompany our content with an illustration or animation, we will get our followers interested in your brand.Don’t spend your time searching the internet for photos that look like your ideas. We help you bring your new product, character or publication to life. Our Illustration and Motion Graphics service has no limits and neither do your ideas. Contact us!


J July, 2018


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