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On this occasion I would like to talk about an artist whose work I find incredibly inspiring, due to the great craftsmanship in its development, as well as the load of content and symbolism it has.

James Jean, of Taiwanese origin, has earned his place in the art world due to his impressive work as a comic book illustrator, advertising and artist. He was raised in New Jersey and studied Visual Arts in New York, at which point he began to attract attention for the eclectic and original nature of his work.


However, it is his time at DC Comics that launched him to fame, drawing the covers of Vertigo's Fables series for more than 10 years. However, he has collaborated with brands such as Prada and Atlantic Records, as well as The New York Times, Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, Spin, Linkin Park, Playboy and the comic book covers of Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy, among others.

James Jean's art is sophisticated and at the same time friendly, sometimes academic and sometimes rather experimental, which has allowed him to reap important recognitions throughout his career, such as the Gold Medal of the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles in 2001; he has also been the  winner of 5 consecutive Eisner awards, in addition to numerous awards and publications around the world.

Jean's versatility and constant experimentation, both in techniques and media, allows us to find digital, oil, acrylic or mixed illustrations.In his works a special sensitivity is always perceived, thus creating universes inhabited by vibrant and mysterious creatures, of fluid and curvilinear forms, which live in ethereal spaces and fantastic nature, inspired by surrealism as well as pop and neoclassical art, giving a sense of mysticism, where the macabre and the supernatural also take place. Themes such as loneliness or understanding the human mind are common in his work.

Art to recommend…

James Jean is undoubtedly an inspiring artist, of which much more is worth seeing, so we invite you to take a deeper tour of his extensive portfolio, which you can find on his website or social networks (facebook, twitter and instagram).

What do you think?, Which artist inspires you?

Best regards!

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