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At the end of my career, I chose Illustration as a specialization, because I faithfully believe that it is the only area of Design that has no limits like imagination. However, the best results are obtained with hours of work, either applying effects or composing.

But the reality is that Design is an industry in which (unfortunately), it is normal to need things for "yesterday", so saving time is an essential advantage.


Luckily, there are many resources available that are very useful to optimize daily work, such as mockups, actions, patterns and plugins.

That is why, in this entry of the Blog, I would like to share some Adobe Illustrator Plugins, which are installed or executed as an addition to the features that the software has by default. These will allow you to optimize your work, save time and generate incredible images.


How many times have you needed to generate a symmetric vector, either for an icon or logo and had to first draw one side and then duplicate it?

MirrorMe is a plugin that allows you to generate and observe live the symmetry of the vectors you make. You can create a reflection of an existing stroke or use multiple building axes for more complex shapes.

Ai Canvas

Being web design a great area of opportunity for graphic designers, Ai Canvas, is a great ally for its development, because it allows you to export vectors and images from Illustrator directly to an HTML5 canvas using JavaScript.

This plugin was created by Mike Swanson, former Microsoft worker and now owner Juicy Bits, so its operation is more than guaranteed.

I ♥ ∆

I agree! This is not really a plugin, since it is not installed, but it is tremendously useful to generate compositions and illustrations with Low Poly effect.

Generally this type of effects require a lot of work time, however with I ♥ ∆ we can create "triangularized" or "gemoetrizadas" surfaces in a few minutes.


When we are working in Illustrator, it is often difficult to remove anchor points, change, cut, paste , join or separate sections.

But with VectorScribe you can overcome all those technical nooks and crannies, because it has endless utilities that at this point, Illustrator should have already included in its software.

Isometric Transformations

Isometric Transformations, allows you to generate orthogonal illustrations with just a few clicks. Definitely my favorite within this selection of Plugins.

This package of actions includes shortcuts to create the "up, right and left" views in an isometric perspective. Ideal for generating characters with 3D appearance or incredible infographics.

Illustrations are a current trend in content marketing. Brands such as Google, Red Bull or American Express are committed to illustration as their main communication channel, thanks to the emotional reaction it generates in their customers. And people respond incredibly!

At Galahad Studio we are professionals in the creation of characters, scenarios and art for animations or publications. Stop spending your time searching the internet or image banks, photos that look like your ideas; Our Illustration service has no limits and neither do your ideas. Us!

Do you know other useful plugins ?, What other resources do you use in your projects?

Don't forget to leave your comments.

Best regards!

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