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If today we asked users, what do they think of the brands they follow?, surely more than 80% of people, would not mind that their brand of detergents disappeared. And it is for no other reason, that the great change we are experiencing in the ecosystem of brands and consumers.


Today, people seek to live experiences, through the products and services they consume. Brands such as Apple, Nike or Starbucks, understand this and therefore their campaigns are aimed at making their customers feel "special" (for example, a button). However, the reality is that in recent years, the perception of brands in front of users has plummeted. And it doesn't seem to stop.

The tradition in marketing indicates that brands must pursue to connect with users, however, they always escape them. But what if this were the other way around? What if it was the users who searched for the brands?

That is why, in this blog post, we will talk about Inbound Marketing, a trend that has been in practice for some years and that tries to tip the balance for both brands and consumers.

Stop searching! Allow them to find you

Inbound Marketing basically consists of making the user the one who finds the brand, instead of it going to look for him.

This concept is totally opposite to traditional marketing (Outbound Marketing), which is intrusive and interrupts at all times, to get your products or services to users. Go! It's what we see every day in TV commercials or spectaculars.

Valuable content

Inbound Marketing is fundamentally composed of content that is disseminated through different channels (for example: social networks, blog or email marketing) with the aim of getting loyal customers at the lowest price, instead of pressuring them to agree to buy our product / service directly.

However, it is a slow process, oriented to the medium and long term, but that allows us to know better our users and their needs. And once we understand them, the brand-user relationship improves and the results become evident.

More than content, a philosophy

Taking into account that people no longer behave the same now as ten years ago, Inbound Marketing emerges as a user-oriented sales philosophy, which allows us to know at all times what tactics to use, in what way and when.

The key is to understand that our user goes through different states since he meets us for the first time. So depending on the moment you are, you will need a different type, format and density of content. In this way, we let you know that the value of our content is increasing and therefore, that we continue to provide valuable content. With this, more leads are generated, conversions to customers and even our users become promoters of our brand. Amazing! Don't you think?

Currently, sharing quality content is one of the fundamental aspects of a solid sales strategy. It's the opportunity to share information, interact with your users, and make your brand more human.

Inbound Marketing, then, is about understanding and helping the user. It's people-centered marketing. At Galahad Studio, we understand how complicated it can be for a brand to stand out from its competition. For them, we offer the best solutions in Branding and Brand Design. Ideal for companies and startups that want to make a difference. Us!

Of course, there is still much more to say about Inbound Marketing, but we will address it in future posts, stay tuned! Do you know brands that share quality content? Do they seem more reliable?

Don't forget to leave your comments.

Best regards!

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