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Hi how about guys!

One of the trends I've seen increase most frequently in recent years is the use of animations to explain ideas, promotions, products or services.

However, they have become tools available to everyone, as some applications such as Instagram or Whatsapp, allow you to share short animations (stories or statuses), with possibilities to include graphics and animated texts.


We can say then, that communication needs have overcome the barrier of the profession, in order to provide people with better ways to communicate. And, without a doubt, video is the best multiplatform resource to communicate a message, tell a story and inspire an audience.

That is why, in this blog post, we will talk about Motion Graphics, what they are and what they are for, as well as some features that will totally convince you that using them for your personal or business projects is a great decision.

Design, Animation or Motion Graphics?

Honestly, the difference between these 3 areas is increasingly subtle, because Motion Graphics are graphic elements that are brought to life through animation.These elements can be rotated, scaled or moved, until you get a video sequence or multimedia product.

In short, Motion Graphics are defined as multimedia graphics in motion and are distinguished from other types of animation by the way in which they are produced, the low cost of their realization, among others.

How to recognize the Motion Graphics of other types of animation?

It's actually hard to do so, as it shares elements with other types of video production. But we can locate its following characteristics:

  • They are usually in 2 dimensions, although thanks to the movement, the illusion of 3D can be created
  • Traditionally, animations are made in rectangular landscape formats, however, their widespread use in various media (web, social networks, mobile devices, etc.) have allowed square or vertical formats.
  • Not all elements in motion graphics have to "move", just create that illusion.For example, a title can enlarge, disappear, or change color, without needing to be in motion.
  • They usually use fades, zooms, entry and exit curtains and any transition element that facilitates the transmission of a message.
  • Being a multimedia element, it brings together in the same production elements of different nature: vector graphics, bitmaps, video, audio, etc., whatever is necessary to make an impressive product.
What kind of Motion Graphics is there?
  • Kinetic/Motion Graphics: Combination of text and graphic design that play with each other usually accompanied by music. The key is a seductive design and a good combination of the elements. They are currently widely used in marketing campaigns
  • Kinetic Typography: They are basically composed of moving text and although it sounds somewhat simple, it can be a very attractive technique. It is usually accompanied by a narrator, in this way the message is communicated very effectively since the audio reinforces it. Here you can see a good example.
  • Cut Out: It consists of drawing a character and cutting his limbs into parts and then joining them and generating his joints. In this way there are puppets that must be animated frame by frame (as in stopmotion). However, with this same principle it can be done digitally.
  • Motion Graphics + Live Action:  By merging the Motion Graphics with the real image, it is possible to create a striking effect. It is widely used in institutional productions, such as election campaigns or company presentations.
Main Advantages of Motion Graphics
  • They reinforce Storytelling: Thanks to its versatility, telling stories and reaching the public, it is much simpler and more dynamic.
  • They are economical: Both in time and money, Motion Graphics are significantly cheaper, compared to other types of productions.
  • They have a wide variety of styles: Like any visual expression, creativity is the only limit. Whether using photos, stopmotion, texts or 3D models, we can find Motion Graphics in unimaginable styles.
  • They are multiplatform:  The range of devices that play video is huge. From cell phones and movie screens, to GPS devices and Apps.Its scope is incredible.
  • They generate a better impression:  People are spending more and more time on the internet and videos have been shown to attract more attention and produce greater impact to the public.

Currently, conventional advertising is no longer as effective in attracting new customers, therefore, many people and companies are choosing this type of communication for the advantages it entails.

In Galahad Studio we are professionals in the development of these materials, stop spending on flyers or expensive ads to reach hundreds; With our Animation and Motion Graphics service we help you to be seen by thousands.

Do you share animate states in your networks? Do you know other types of Motion Graphics?

Don't forget to leave your comments.

Best regards!

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