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Marketing is a science that develops day by day, since the need of the market to publicize new services and products is a constant.


Whether you're interested in online video advertising, Google ads sense, or social media ads, knowing how marketing works will help you make better decisions for your campaigns.

Therefore, in this second part (the first part can be consulted here), we will talk about the remaining 11 laws, the 22 immutable laws of Marketing proposed by Al Ries and Jack Trout in the book of the same name, with which, many of the big brands have achieved their commercial success.

Line Extension 12_Ley
There is irresistible pressure to extend brand equity

Have you noticed that certain leading companies in a certain field fail to introduce new products? This is because once consumers identify a brand as a leader in a certain area, it is very difficult to enter the consumer's mind with a new one, as concentration is lost. Therefore, it is preferable to have a satisfied market niche, rather than several uncompetitive. As they say, "he who covers much, little tightens".

13_Ley of sacrifice
To get great benefits, you have to give up great things

To obtain better results, we must be willing to give up three main things: an extensive product line, because not having more things to sell, means that we will sell more; apart from the target market, to concentrate on micro-niches; and constant change, because we avoid confusing the consumer once positioned.

14_Ley of attributes
For every attribute, there is another equally effective opponent.

When a brand has already appropriated the most important attribute in a certain market (let's say, they are the fastest), it is necessary to look for another attribute, perhaps of lesser importance and opposite, but that identifies us (for example having the best customer service). In this way, we can own that second attribute and make it take on greater importance and thus climb the step of the competition.

15_Ley of sincerity
When you admit something negative, the prospect will recognize something positive.

In marketing, as in real life, negative statements are more easily accepted, as opposed to truths that cause distrust. The objective in this law is to recognize some negative aspect in our product, not with the desire to apologize to the consumer, but to turn that negative aspect into a positive one.

16_Ley of singularity
In each situation, only one play will produce substantial results.

In Marketing, the strategy to follow is not to add small efforts through many media or publications. What really works is to generate a single solid strategy in which all the force is applied, but above all something unexpected. Generate a campaign and focus on it, many scattered efforts will not generate the desired results.

17_Ley of the unpredictable
Unless you write down your competitors' plans, you won't be able to predict the future.

Bearing in mind that the unforeseen always happens, the best way to face the unpredictability of the future is to use trends, but always with caution. The trick is to guide decisions towards the future, but never being predisposed to those results. If no one can predict the future, why would marketing plans do so?

18_Ley of Success
Success often leads to arrogance, and arrogance to failure.

As in the myth of Icarus who believed reaching the sun, many brands at the peak of their success, begin to trust in being unattainable or that they will always be in the preference of their consumers. Nothing could be further from the truth, because it is enough to remember names like Blockbuster, Kodak or GM. Therefore, we must move away from the ego of feeling that we can do everything to really investigate what the market requires, what it needs and above all identify trends.

19_Ley of failure
Failure is part of our life and we must accept it

When we detect any problem in our strategy we must know how to identify it, admit it and correct it so that it does not affect us later. Many companies have clung to wrong strategies and lost far more than they hoped to gain.

20_Ley of the sensationalist note
Many times, reality is contrary to what appears in the media.

"Don't believe everything you hear," is great advice in marketing. On many occasions, sensationalist advertising is generated, when in reality brands have problems. The trends and the real signs of the future are in the small and insignificant stories and campaigns.

21_Ley of acceleration
Successful campaigns are not built on whims, but on trends

How many of us still keep (or need) products like fidget spinners? And it is easy to sell products that become fashionable and generate profits in the short term, but do not allow something stable to develop in companies. This is the nature of whims, at first the products cause a stir, but after a while they flood the market in such a way that later nobody wants them.

22_Ley of resources
Without adequate funds, an idea will not take off the ground

The engine of marketing is money, nothing simpler than that. It takes money to get into the consumer's mind and money to stay in it.

Undoubtedly, Marketing is vital for any company looking to grow and position itself in its target market. Knowing its principles and laws gives us the possibility of making better decisions for our businesses. In this way, we will obtain the results we are looking for and we will also be able to offer our clients better campaigns with quality content, which really make them sympathize with our brand.

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