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Dr. Ricardo Higuera L.
Visual identity design for Dr. Ricardo Higuera’s personal brand
Visual Identity Design and Branding

The identity project aimed at the design and integral development of the personal brand of Dr. Ricardo H. Lizarraga, to seek to improve his self-promotion, contact with other doctors and achieve standing out as a professional.

The general concept sought to move away from traditional solutions, which used the elements of the stethoscope or bones (associated with medicine), so the proposal was born from the heraldic representation of the doctor’s surnames:

  • Higuera = Of Sevillian origin. Fig tree
  • Lizarraga = Basque place name. “Fresno Forest”

So the logo represents a fig tree (by Higuera), which contains a wolf in profile (by Lizarraga).

On the other hand, the tree is associated with health, professional growth and strength; while the exposed roots represent the “origins” (family, culture, etc.) fundamental values for the personal brand of Doctor Ricardo.

My participation in the project was the development of the logo and manual of the visual identity, as well as graphic materials such as curriculum and business cards, according to the client’s brief.

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Galahad Studio – Inbound Marketing
Tradonal illustrations with ink

During October, “A Doodle a Day” rested on daily ephemeris and joined Jake Parker’s INKTOBER 2018 challenge. But at Galahad Studio we thought we took it a little further and made a special list.

Thus, considering that in ancient times we believed in the existence of King Arthur, Brunhilda or Hercules, characters of poems and songs, we wonder what would happen if modern songs also had their heroes? What are the stories that exist within them?

That’s Space Oddity: The Most Wanted in the Galaxy. A tribute I make to all those things I like, such as music, comics, movies and science fiction.

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Dr. Pricila Ochoa
Visual identity design for Dr. Pricila Ochoa’s brand
Visual Identity Design and Branding

At the end of 2017, after learning about our branding projects, Dr. Pricila Ochoa commissioned us to design her business cards and medical prescriptions to offer her medical services independently in her office.

Instead, however, the comprehensive development of a visual identity, which would be independent of the doctor’s name, was suggested. This with the future vision of growing the office and the staff of doctors and specialties.

This is how La Vie en Rose was born, a general medicine and aesthetic medicine clinic. With this in mind, he set out to project a modern and elegant image, which would move away from the stereotype of traditional medicine.

Taking advantage of the elegance of the name and the beauty and dynamism of the mermaid that adorns the visual identity, the brand is aimed at people involved in fashion, beauty and healthy lifestyle trends.

My participation in the project was the development of the logo and visual identity manual, as well as graphic materials such as letterheads, business cards and medical prescriptions, according to the client’s brief.

Cover design proposal
To illustrate the cover of the novel “The Mighty Maldoon” by Michael D. Komeshak

In January 2018, Galahad Studio was commissioned to develop a cover proposal for an adventure and discovery novel, which takes place on the Giza Plain in Egypt.

The brief for its development was very accurate in relation to what was wanted to show the story to attract a young audience. On the cover, it was necessary the appearance of a glass pyramid, which would have the moldings of the Eye of Horus on its capital and the constellation of Orion on its front face. A simple but novel proposal was sought, with a bit of alien mood .

The proposal consisted of showing the pyramid in a counter-chopped view to make the detail of it more impressive, taking great care of the finish of the material, seeking to highlight the brightness of the glass, as well as its golden tip. Similarly, a desert landscape was illustrated, full of dunes to recreate where the story is located. The graphic style, it was sought to have a similar appearance to the covers of books and comics of the 50s, where this type of stories were very common, so it was sought to make clear the theme of the story. In the same way, the color palette is very bright, to give dynamism and energy to the image, as well as the story it accompanies.

My participation in the project was to generate the illustration of the cover, back cover and spine of the novel according to the needs of the client, as well as the preparation of the files for printing it. Unfortunately, the cover proposal was not chosen by the client, in favor of using a more photorealistic material to illustrate the book.

Development of a website with story telling
To promote Entropia Stewardship services

In conjunction with the Blue Labs team, a website was developed to promote Entropia’s services.

On the web, it was necessary to talk about Impeccability (seeking to be better at every moment), a philosophy little known in Mexico and that Entropia sought to expand among the business sector in Mexico. Having such a specific target , it was difficult to find a visually attractive solution, at the same time conceptually powerful, that managed to hook site visitors.

The proposal consisted of generating a dynamic storytelling , presenting visual metaphors of the concepts and ideas that Entropia sought to communicate to its audience. In such a way that all the concepts were united, in the same way that the community of Entropia does.

Thus, taking advantage of the advantages offered by web design, through colorful animations made with JQuery, it was possible to generate a presentation of the brand and its philosophy, through graphics triggered by a vertical scroll separated into sections by Call to Action buttons. The graphics were developed in conjunction with those of the project “An Impeccable Community”, to maintain the same graphic style.

However, it should be noted that the project was postponed due to situations unrelated to production. The version presented here corresponds to the latest version reviewed by the client.

My participation in the project was to generate the original script according to the needs of the client campaign, as well as the planning, design, layout and development of the page. In addition, all the illustrations of the site were developed and the development of the project was supervised as Art Director. The production and management of the project was by the Blue Labs team.

To promote your Digital Signage service
Illustration Development and Art Direction

In conjunction with the Blue Labs team, a two-minute animated spot was developed to promote ApantallaNet’s services.

It was important to be able to condense in a very short time, all the advantages of using this platform, compared to more traditional media such as television, radio and printed billboards. This throughout the development of the project, was complicated because very easily you could misinterpret the message making the viewer feel that it was only sought to discredit these other media.

Therefore, in the script it was proposed to generate a storytelling around a character, to show how we are continuously surrounded by advertising, from the moment we wake up and until night falls and that due to this, we ignore a lot of this information. This transition of the day of a normal person, allowed us to include the advantages of customer service while showing data on the impact produced by other media. It was then possible to make a simple infographic an interesting story.

My participation was to generate the original script according to the client’s brief, as well as its storyboard. In addition, all the illustrations of the animation were developed and the development of the project was supervised as Art Director. The production and management of the project was by the Blue Labs team.

Diploma in Digital Illustration
Academy of San Carlos, UNAM
Final Project As part of the curriculum of the Digital Illustration diploma of the Academy of San Carlos, it was proposed that the final project was the realization of an animation, which included the techniques and methodologies seen throughout the course.

In this way, being the free theme, I developed the “pilot” episode of a personal project that I planned to develop, when the opportunity presented itself. The animation takes as inspiration the character of Major Tom, present in the music of David Bowie, as well as the “Retrofuturism” of the 50’s. The concept of the project takes all these elements of culture, music and literature, to generate a psychedelic and nostalgic conglomerate. Quite an ode to those things I like.

Visual Identity Proposal (2015 – 2017)
To position the brand among its audience, through animations, logo and POP material.

In 2015, Blue Labs, in partnership with Publifón, launched the ApantallaNet platform, having found a niche in the market in restaurant advertising through digital signage.

Between 2015 and 2017, a series of graphic materials were developed ranging from the development of visual identity, business cards, flyers, to the design and creation of stands for advertising fairs and the development of programmable content, transmitted through the platform itself.

Being the Digital Signage an advertising service little known in Mexico, ApantallaNet sought to position itself as a market leader. Therefore, the visual proposal was to tie the ApantallaNet service, with the most popular streaming systems on the market, giving it an appearance similar to that of a modern television channel and a little transgressive. This visual proposal has achieved the growth of the brand as well as its positioning in the market.

My participation in the project was to collaborate in the development of the brand, as well as in the design of its Visual Identity, according to the needs of the client. As well as the planning, design, layout and illustration of different graphic materials such as brochures, business cards, web sites and platforms and various POP materials. In addition, he supervised, as Art Director, the production of various audiovisual content such as curtains, advertiser spots and advertising, as in the project Know ApantallaNet. The production and management of the project was by the Blue Labs team.

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