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ICID Congress
Event organized by CONAGUA at the WTC of the CDMX
Development of illustrations

The Dessignare team invited me to participate as an illustrator in the development of an audiovisual content for the National Water Commission (CONAGUA). The project involved a large-scale projection using a central LED screen and 2 side panels with 2 projectors each, to play the 6 min. long video. In addition, the time to generate the material was very limited, so there were only 2 full days to generate it and thus complete the project. My participation was the illustrator, and they developed from a series of images and visual elements ranging from landscapes, to graphics that pretended to be ancient glyphs. The production and management of the project was by the Dessignare team.

Visual Identity Proposal (2015 – 2017)
To position the brand among its audience, through animations, logo and POP material.

In 2015, Blue Labs, in partnership with Publifón, launched the ApantallaNet platform, having found a niche in the market in restaurant advertising through digital signage.

Between 2015 and 2017, a series of graphic materials were developed ranging from the development of visual identity, business cards, flyers, to the design and creation of stands for advertising fairs and the development of programmable content, transmitted through the platform itself.

Being the Digital Signage an advertising service little known in Mexico, ApantallaNet sought to position itself as a market leader. Therefore, the visual proposal was to tie the ApantallaNet service, with the most popular streaming systems on the market, giving it an appearance similar to that of a modern television channel and a little transgressive. This visual proposal has achieved the growth of the brand as well as its positioning in the market.

My participation in the project was to collaborate in the development of the brand, as well as in the design of its Visual Identity, according to the needs of the client. As well as the planning, design, layout and illustration of different graphic materials such as brochures, business cards, web sites and platforms and various POP materials. In addition, he supervised, as Art Director, the production of various audiovisual content such as curtains, advertiser spots and advertising, as in the project Know ApantallaNet. The production and management of the project was by the Blue Labs team.

Oh Güey!
Project developed to promote the art toy Xico, character created by Cristina Pineda
Illustration development and art direction

Together with the Blue Labs team, the audiovisual content and sculptural piece was developed for the Mexican clothing and accessories brand ¡Ay Güey!

The project involved a projection on a sculptural piece of meter and a half high by Xico, a character created by Cristina Pineda, whose accessories and art toys are sold and distributed by ¡Ay Güey!. In this way, 5 minutes of animated content were generated, which were projected on a three-dimensional piece of paper, which had the shape of the character seen in profile. Therefore, the audiovisual contents, the paper model were developed and the installation of videomapping was carried out in a branch of ¡Ay Güey! .

My participation in the project was that of art direction in the area of design, the elaboration of the illustrated parts of the projection and as well as the management and production of the three-dimensional piece used.

The production and management of the project was by Blue Labs.

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