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We live in a time when working and economic conditions require us to seek opportunities on our own. But on the other hand, the Market aims to reduce us, simplify us and unite what we are with what we do.

"You do not know how to sell yourself" or "You are a product", are expressions that are heard very frequently when talking about people and their professions. But isn't it wrong and even immoral to talk about people as assets?


That is why the construction of a Personal Branding is the right tool to find and publicize what makes us more people, what makes us unique, valuable and singular, either as professionals and as individuals. But… What about Personal Marketing?

And as no business can survive long without connecting with the public, in this 2nd part of our entry on Personal Branding (the 1st part can be read here), we will share some tips on how to build an effective Personal Marketing strategy.

> 05_ Define your Personal Marketing strategy

First, let's differentiate that the Brand is YOU. The product is what you do for others. Marketing is how you make the above known. Therefore, we need to define these three aspects to know what people need and how we can help them solve it.

Therefore, who will be our customers?, What will be the services we will offer them? and How will we contact them?, are questions that we must always keep in mind when writing your personal marketing strategy.

Thus, once these questions are answered, we can develop a solid strategy that allows us to connect with our future customers. Some ideas with which we can begin to create this strategy are:

<"h4"> "Choose


<"h4"> "Offers


<"h4"> "Define


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<"h4"> "Find


<"h4"> "Describe


> 06_Junta the trash, take out the trash

Nothing takes more time away from your scrambled plan. Organizing the information of your personal marketing project is very important.

In this way, you will be able to start writing documents such as sales notes, portfolios, curriculum (also applies to brands), profiles on social networks, etc.

The value of this, and once you start posting and receiving feedback on your blog, social media, or website, is that you can start measuring the results of your efforts. In this way, you will be able to know if you are doing it right or wrong and how far you are from your goals.

To do this, we can use the comments shared by our customers or the likes on your networks. However, there are also tools such as the statistics generated by Facebook or Google Analytics. To read more about Analytics and what it lets you know about your audience, click on the link.

> 07_Capacítate continuously

Training you continuously ensures you never fall behind the competition and allows you to offer your customers the best solution to their problems.

Finally, improving your personal brand is improving your own person. So go ahead!, read everything you have at your fingertips, attend courses and seminars in person or online. The options are endless and the internet becomes an excellent ally.

Let's get to work!

Whether as a mother, friend, professional, boss, neighbor or in any of the vital roles you play, you always have something to contribute.

Therefore, the first step to position yourself in the minds of others is to find what ONLY you can offer and believe it, the rest is only technique and time.

We recognize it!, developing a Personal Marketing strategy involves, in a way, playing a character. But it is possibly the most difficult of all, yours. Therefore, do not waste your time anymore and leave fears aside. With our advice on Branding and Brand Design, we help you meet your goals and make the future you want, reality. Contact us!

We hope that these tips will be useful to build your personal branding or to improve the one you already have. Stay tuned for future entries and we invite you to read Part 1 of this post.

Did you know about inbound marketing?, Do you know other business models?

Best regards!

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