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We live in a time when working and economic conditions require us to seek opportunities on our own. But on the other hand, the Market aims to reduce us, simplify us and unite what we are with what we do.

"You do not know how to sell yourself" or "You are a product", are expressions that are heard very frequently when talking about people and their professions. But isn't it wrong and even immoral to talk about people as assets?


That is why the construction of a Personal Branding is the right tool to find and publicize what makes us more people, what makes us unique, valuable and singular, either as professionals and as individuals.

And as we can not prevent the rest of the people from comparing us, in this blog post (which we will divide into two parts), we will talk about Personal Branding and how to build a brand that leaves a mark on the minds of others.

The path of a thousand miles…

Building a brand is not exclusive to companies or independent professionals, because we all have something to offer, so we must be able to find the right combination of "ingredients", which make us attractive and unique.

In that sense, we all have a Personal Branding. The really complicated thing, beyond whether it is strong or weak, hated or adored, attractive or neutral, is that we do not know what it is.

In this way, building a Personal Branding as a model of action, will allow us to improve our possibilities. It is an exercise in introspection, perseverance and patience, but we will share some ideas to create (or improve) yours:

> 01_Define your goals

Both in personal and professional life, we can hardly reach our goals, without having defined our objectives before.

That is, if you do not define well where you are going or the reason why you start your brand, you will never know if you are going the right way.

In this sense, there are no good or bad objectives, the important thing is to define them in time and focus the energies (and resources) on achieving them.

Some ideas when creating your own brand could be:

  • Acquire customers, partners and prospects
  • Increase online or offline sales
  • Connect with investors
  • Finding a job (or changing jobs)
  • Start a self-employed venture
  • Opening new geographic markets
  • Entering a new niche market
  • Gain professional experience
  • Adding value to society
  • Changing the world
> 02_Elige your audience

In the same way that it is important to have clear goals, it is vital to define to whom our efforts, products and services will be directed.

Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting time and effort in offering something that does not serve your potential customers. To know how to better connect with your audience, we recommend you read our entry on Inbound Marketing.

A good technique when building a personal branding is to create a "customer archetype" (or buyer persona). This semi-fictional simulation will reflect the characteristics of the ideal customers with whom you would like to connect.

This is a very broad topic that we will address in future posts. For now, I recommend you read the following link to learn more about this concept.

> 03_Selecciona the name for your brand

One of the fundamental aspects when creating a personal branding is to choose a name. Also one of the most complicated, because emotional aspects, marketing, personal tastes, etc. intervene.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this identity will represent us for a long time and therefore, it is necessary to choose it carefully. Take your time! and consult your clients, family or friends.

The easiest thing is always to choose our own name, but it does not hurt, perform an analysis based on the competition that already exists, the availability of the domain name (URL) and social networks.

  • Competence: Whoever has a very common name, which already exists as a brand or simply wants to be creative, can choose to create one. Be creative, but avoid phonetic similarities or hard-to-pronounce words.
  • Domain Name: In addition, it is important to investigate the availability of the domain, even if you do not plan to have a website immediately. This will eventually avoid many setbacks.
  • Social Networks: Finally, the name of your personal branding should be easy to write and memorize with the intention of being able to share and create profiles on social networks.
> 04_Definir your products and services

Whether you offer professional products or services, it's important to define what problem you help your customers solve with them. In this way, it is possible to give a name to what you offer.

By this we mean not being obvious. For example, we all know that a lawyer offers legal assistance, but a better way to offer their services would be to generate packages such as "10 hours of legal advice in case of car accident". Do you notice the difference?

In this way, specialized service packages can be generated and it is avoided to be ambiguous with what is offered. With this, we can stand out from our competition and exploit the emerging market of microniches.

We will talk more about microniches and services in future posts, but for now, we recommend you to see Sergio Fernández's masterful lecture on how to sell.

In addition to this, it is necessary to define: What do you like?, What do you know how to do? and What do People Need?. At the end of the day it is your brand and therefore, it is the opportunity to dedicate yourself to what you like the most.

Let's get to work!

Whether as a mother, friend, professional, boss, neighbor or in any of the vital roles you play, you always have something to contribute.

Therefore, the first step to position yourself in the minds of others is to find what ONLY you can offer and believe it, the rest is only technique and time.

We recognize it!, developing a Personal Branding implies, in a way, interpreting a character. But it is possibly the most difficult of all, yours. Therefore, do not waste your time anymore and leave fears aside. With our advice on Branding and Brand Design, we help you meet your goals and make the future you want, reality. Contact us!

We hope that these tips will be useful to build your personal branding. Stay tuned for future posts, while Part 2 of our tips can be read here.

We want to know more about you! Tell us would you like to be an entrepreneur? What do you do best?

Best regards!

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