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Negative space is, as you can imagine, difficult to define. And no, we are not talking about some concept of science fiction, but about taking advantage of all resources, including what are not present.

When designing, various techniques are used to create graphic materials that mesmerize viewers. The use of negative space generates an additional advantage of attraction and sophistication.


However, there are many logos, posters and ads created with this technique, because it allows you to send a message to the audience in such a subtle way, that detecting it always causes a smile.

In such a way that its incorrect application, causes the viewer to realize immediately and generate displeasure. Therefore, in this blog post, we will talk about what negative space is and how it affects the appearance of things, whether in graphic design or even in art.

The limit of form

Defining negative space is complicated, because it is not a void around objects. Rather, it could be said that a space to "breathe" around a central subject, but that affects its appearance.

It is a synergy between the open or empty space around and the object, in such a way that it generates its own definition. And that's what… How can you know the true shape of an object if you can't discover its limits?

In Design, negative space is used to create an illusion of some figure, without creating the figure directly. It emerges with the help of other surrounding objects in the design. This subtlety is part of its beauty, as the viewer is delighted to discover something hidden within the design.

In-making a difference

Once you understand its general concept, it is possible to start playing with it to take advantage of its advantages. Properly used negative space can make all the difference in a design.

Viewers will always appreciate a design with good use of white space, over saturated designs. Therefore, balancing it in a design, facilitates the view of it. In this way, although they seem simple, building such a design is an effort of talent, intelligence and sometimes good humor.

This way, once viewers understand the messages or images subtly hidden in the design, they feel included. That is why the use of negative space is especially effective when designing logos.

Negative space and text

Negative space is not only used in composition, it is even a vital element when writing. This space is called line spacing.

Without line spacing, it would be almost impossible to read a text, because even the order of the paragraphs would be altered. And although it sounds a bit obvious, just look at brochures, brochures and even magazines , the number of times that the lack (or sometimes excess) of space affects its reading.

But it is also part of its design, because the relationship between text and space, generates a kind of "texture" that we can take advantage of aesthetically. This is easily verifiable on a website, as good readability is vital to retain the visitor's attention and to help them find the information they are looking for.

"Less is more… luxurious"

In any luxury store it is easy to observe, that in many cases, the most luxurious products, tend to be minimalist (for example Apple products). This idea can be applied to other media, to achieve the same effect.

On a website, for example, increasing the negative space between the elements, you can generate the feeling of class and importance, even if the content is very generic. Otherwise, saturating the space with ads, prices and descriptions, causes the feeling of being a messy page begging for attention, rather than a quality site.

Negative space or white space?

Negative space is an important element of Design. Without it, compositions would probably be a disaster, lacking definition and focus.

Its correct use is a balancing act intended to unify a design and attract the eyes of a viewer to the details and subtleties.

Dare to do things differently! Play with the negative space in your sketches and ideas and notice how it catches the attention of your viewers.

Surprise your audience with the use of negative space on your website and logo to make them look more complete and interesting. We help you achieve this with our Branding and Web Design services. Ideal for companies and startups that want to make a difference. Us!

Do you know more logos of brands that use negative space?, Remember Absolut's campaigns using this technique?

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