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When speaking, writing, communicating with words, we usually leave a space for the imagination of the interlocutor. We assume that what we say is understood, even if it is not always true.


What differences can there be when saying "my eyes were closed"? Since closed eyes can be sad, surprise, sleep or even death. However, this does not happen when using images, since with them we can clarify ideas, with a simple gesture or expression.

Therefore, its importance in marketing is fundamental, since there can be no spaces for the misinterpretation of ideas or for the lack of information that words or texts can generate.

Whether through a commercial, an album cover, movies, series or books, illustrations are a powerful marketing and positioning tool for any business or product. Therefore, in this blog post, we share some benefits of using illustrations as a means of communication.

The illustrations: communication and learning

Within the culture of the image, illustrations deserve special attention. They have been considered as an artistic technique, related to the philosophical current that emerged in the eighteenth century.

We could define illustration as a particularly persuasive narrative image. A language that we can all understand and interpret and that has the power to bring us closer to people, to speak without having to describe and to detail everything we want to express.

The reception of the illustrated message requires a learning process. That is why it is so effective in educating both children and adults. In marketing, illustrations give a certain character to brands, which helps consumers remember them.


The illustrations allow us to communicate and reach the interest of the public more easily. Therefore, it is part of advertising design. Thus, over the years, without realizing it, we have become fond of various characters, campaigns and drawings that represent a brand itself.

Characters like The Michelin Man, Ronald McDonald, Gorillaz, Mario Bros, etc. are basically time-tested, because they do not go out of style and never expire. They evolve without losing their essence and people love them. Here are some of the benefits of using illustrations as a form of communication:

01_Los old days

As children we grew up surrounded by picture books and cartoons. Using these characters (or some new ones) makes us feel nostalgic and "like kids" again. Hence the success of products such as Pokémon Go or superhero movies.

02_Imagina worlds

Unlike photography (which is linked to the real world), illustrations allow the possibility of giving life to the most incredible fantastic worlds. Playing (for pure pleasure) Super Mario Bros, would be much less fun if things didn't happen in the "Mushroom Kingdom".

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03_Viaja in Time

As their ability to raise fantastic worlds, illustrations have the possibility of showing us remote periods of time. In this way, we can know what ancient civilizations or even dinosaurs were like.

04_Con a lot of personality

Since the beginning of the s. XX, the effectiveness of using characters in advertising was demonstrated, to remember brands. Characters like Tigre Toño or Bibendum, are part of our culture and are loved for generations.

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05_Rompe the mold


Stock images are very practical, but they are all used and they feel stereotyped. Fake greetings, fake likes and mounted smiles. However, illustrations can be unique and communicate some message or represent a brand.

06_Resistiendo the passage of time

Remember the appearance of The Little Prince or the drawings of Alice in Wonderland? Because if so, you remember images created in 1943 and 1865 respectively. Which demonstrates the ability of illustration to stand the test of time.

07_Tu parles français?

Imagine that you arrive at Paris airport and do not find the exit. Obviously most people speak French and maybe you don't, what to do? As simple as locating the signage of a "monkey" heading towards a door or the indication arrows. Illustrated symbols can be a form of international communication.

08_Tan easy as the A,B,C

During the Middle Ages, most people could not read or write, however the Catholic religion managed to establish itself. How?, then through religious images inside the cathedrals. Illustrations have such educational power.

Universal language

An image can convey an accumulation of emotions in a small space, which allows generating a better connection with users, than a large block of text achieves. Many times we say that "a picture is worth a thousand words" and it is true.

Today, digital platforms are becoming more and more visual. Therefore, if we accompany our content with an illustration, it will encourage our followers to share it with theirs. Don't spend your time searching the internet for photos that look like your ideas. We help you bring your new product, character or publication to life. Our Illustration service has no limits and neither do your ideas. Us!

In short, we must be aware of the importance of illustrations as communication tools. Not only because they provide quality and added value, but because they speed up the process of understanding between users. Therefore, it is advisable to use them in any marketing strategy.

Do you know any success stories where illustrations play an important role? Do you find photographs more effective?

Don't forget to leave your comments.

Best regards!

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